A Song A Week For A Year Of Perfect Timing

It’s been almost a year since I released Perfect Timing on March 11, 2016.  I’ve been reflecting back on that time - thinking about where I’ve been and where I’m going.  If I’ve grown creatively?  If I’ve accomplished enough?  If I know who I am as an artist?  I’ve been navigating Nashville as a songwriter, played a handful of shows and writer’s rounds, and have co-written a decent amount over the past 12 months.  But, I’m a little ashamed to say that I hadn’t written a whole song by myself in over a year, which left me feeling creatively unfulfilled.  Lately I’ve been focusing on reading, journaling, and writing songs that really mean something to me - writing my truth.  A lot of the time, that means sitting by myself at my desk for days on end.  Other times, it’s dragging a patient and talented co-writer through it with me.  It’s not easy.  I’ve been irritable and frustrated and much of the product is disappointing, but, sometimes something comes out that is rewarding and healing and that’s how I know I’m doing it right.  To celebrate my new found peace with writing my own story and the fact that it’s been a year since I first put music into the world, I’ll be sharing a new tune each week, leading up to March 11th, in a video on my Facebook page.  A fresh song every Friday.  One that I’m proud of, that made me smile when I finished it (even if it’s really sad).  Thanks for listening.

xo, Becky