Spring Mini Tour Recap

Last week I packed all my gear into my car and very anxiously hit the road, playing solo acoustic shows and Priceline-ing my way from Nashville and New York and back. It was a great time and I can’t wait to do more of it!  

I discovered the very hip, cool and artistic town of Johnson City, TN on May 29th when I played The Acoustic Coffeehouse.  Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, it was the perfect place for my first show of the week.  I got to play outside on a beautiful evening to a patio full of people (and dogs!) who seemed genuinely interested in my songs and politely laughed at my jokes!  After the show I got to visit with some locals, indulge in a quite decadent veggie pizza and was introduced to Dr. Enuf, a real nice sparkling beverage that is only available in Eastern Tennessee - the boost of caffeine, ginseng and vitamins it packed got me all the way to Roanoke, VA for the night.  

Monday was Memorial Day and a long day of driving from Virginia to New York.  Leave it to me to plan a 10 hour drive for the busiest car travel day of the year!  I got lucky with an awesome discover weekly Spotify playlist and beautiful weather, so I just embraced it!  I was lucky not to run into much traffic, and was very happy to arrive to my parents house in upstate New York for a day of downtime on Tuesday before my next show.  

I made up for whatever traffic I avoided on Memorial Day on Wednesday afternoon in Northern New Jersey rush-hour, trying to get to my show at Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway.  I was a little flustered as I arrived later than I wanted to, worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to get myself situated and zoned in before the show.  Then the nerves kicked in when I rolled up to the venue and saw my name literally in lights for the very first time!  That was a big surprise!  I can’t say enough about how wonderful Brian, Patrick and everyone at UCPAC were.  It is a top notch venue and I’m so honored to have been able to play there and make some new fans!  I’ve already planned a return to Rahway for another event, so stay tuned for details on that!  

Thursday was a very nerve-racking, but very special day for me - my first time playing a show in my hometown since moving to Nashville.  I’m so lucky to have such an amazing place to call home, filled with an incredible group of supportive family and friends who are so excited about what I’m doing.  I had this terrible fear of disappointing them that night!  Anyone who performs will tell you that it is harder to play to a few people you know than it is to play to a room packed with strangers, thus the knot that was in my stomach for the entire day.  I even considered faking sick (I definitely could’ve thrown up) and canceling the show!  I’m glad I didn’t, because before I knew it, I was two songs into my set, my nerves subsided and I actually started having fun!  It turned out to be one of the best nights I’ve ever had.  I couldn’t believe how many people came out to support me and I am so, so thankful for every kind word, hug, pat on the back, and dollar in the shoe-box you gave me!  

It’s never easy leaving my old home for my new home in Nashville, but that week sent me off on Friday morning wanting to make my dreams come true more than ever!  As I share my music and my aspirations with more and more people along the way, I’m realizing I not only want to do this for me, but for everyone who believes in me and supports me.  What a wild and beautiful journey it is!

- Becky